11 Ideas for your next email campaign

by Catherine Jordan

04 14, 2015 | Posted in Blog | 0 comments

  1. Sharing Is Caring
    Share five (relevant) things of interest within you or your colleagues area of expertise.  These don’t necessarily have to be about the product or service you provide but should be of benefit to your valuable customer.  Share helpful tips, links and articles and don’t be afraid to give information away.  Your customers appreciate added value.
  2. Tell people what you’ve been up to
    Showcase the latest work, news successes and awards from your company.  Show new products and installations.
  3. Industry News
    Compile news from your industry, add links and add your brief take on it and how it’s relevant to your customers.  Always link this back to your products & services.  It is important that you are (or appear to be) knowledgeable within your industry.  Make your self the ‘go to’ person.
  4. Testimonials & Case Studies
    SHARE these with potential customers.   Ask your existing customers to ‘share the love’.  Why they do business with your company, how your product or services help them, how effective you are?  Do Case Studies for bigger projects and ideally compile a testimonial and /or case study for each product or service and relevant to each target market.
  5. Video Interviews
    If you’re good in front of the camera, why not record a (short) video interview highlighting your or an employee’s expertise or style.  These can quickly become very popular and you could potentially be the next global overnight sensation.
  6. Product Videos
    Allocating marketing budget to short product videos is always a good investment.  ‘How to’ videos are always very popular with customers and video content is very popular with Google.  Videos also give you the opportunity to put a bit of personality on your company.
  7. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
    Tell your customers what charities you work with and try to include them in your endeavours i.e. invite your best customers to the next charity dinner or event and then feature it in your newsletter.  Don’t forget to take photos.
  8. Cross Sell & Upsell Products
    Take the time to Share three things that your customers might not know about your product or company. This is a good opportunity to ‘Sell them what the don’t know they need YET!’
  9. Tell your story
    Don’t be afraid to personalise your business, how it started, how it grew.  Make it interesting and relevant and most of all SHORT!
  10. 2 + 2 + 2
    Never be afraid of feedback, encourage it!  Send your customers a short email twice a year asking them to tell you 2 Things you do well?  2 Things you do but should improve on? 2 Things you do that you should stop doing?  This feedback is invaluable and will surprise you – customers appreciate you asking.
  11. Make it Relevant
    Above all, when you contact your customers by email, make it relevant, make it interesting make what you’re saying of additional benefit to your customer and don’t forget your calls to action – Call Us Now, Visit Our Website, Email Us etc.

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