Be Mobile Ready or You Won’t Rank with Google

by Catherine Jordan

04 21, 2015 | Posted in Blog | 0 comments

Google Have Changed their Search Algorithm
We have been advising our clients for some time of the importance of having a mobile ready website but from Tuesday, 21st April, Google are making major changes to their search algorithm that will seriously affect SME’s who are not ‘mobile ready’!

‘Mobile Ready’ is Key
Your ranking will change when it comes to users searching from a mobile device or tablet and Google will start favouring mobile-friendly websites over those that are not.

Mobile friendly means websites that are easy to navigate re-size to fit the relevant screen, have easily clickable links, easy to call phone numbers and larger text that’s easier to read on any device etc.

Google have said that this change will ‘have a significant impact on our search results’ and websites that aren’t mobile ready will rate lower.

Everybody’s Doing the Google Dance Now
80% of internet users own a smartphone and more than 60% of your website traffic now comes from a tablet or mobile device. Google want to ensure a positive user experience when users click through on a mobile link.

These new Google algorithm changes could result in a very significant reduction in visitors to your site if it’s not mobile ready and those who are at bigger risk will be those who haven’t heard the news or not reacted to it.

Was It Good for You?
Although content marketing is still very important, user experience is now equally as important! You could have the best content in the world with the most relevant keywords and your SEO up to date but If your customer gets to your website and can’t access the information easily by phone you’ll be penalised.

How to Make a Quick ‘Mobile Ready’ Website Check
If you want to quickly check your site, bring your cursor down to the bottom right hand side of your website and squeeze the site over to the right hand side. If your site doesn’t adapt at all ie. text enlarge or menus change then it’s not mobile ready and you’re in trouble with Google.

What Does this Mean for You
It’s very simple! If you want to remain high in the Google rankings, you MUST have a Mobile Ready website!


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