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Guide to Joining a Twitter Chat

by Denise Whitmore

07 13, 2016 | Posted in Blog | 0 comments

You might have heard the term Twitter Chat or Hour and are wondering what it's all about. We've written a short guide to help you get started. What is a Twitter Chat? A Twitter Chat is a when a group of Twitter users or (Twitterati as I like to call them!) virtually meet and tweet using the same predesignated hashtag. A host organises the chat, selects the hashtag and promote the chat. They generally occur on a weekly basis. Think of a networking event except you're in your pyjamas on your sofa with the TV on and glass of wine in hand. Just slightly more appealing...   Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 13.42.05   Why would you join a Twitter Chat?  Well why would you go to a networking event? A Twitter Chat can offer the same opportunities; to make connections, interact with others, the chance to ask for and offer advice and of course to promote your business. Remember just because you are online doesn't mean all common curtesy goes out the 'Windows'. Be sure to introduce yourself and be polite. Don't only tweet about your business. Interact with the other Tweeters and join in conversations.   Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 13.45.02   What do you talk about? Generally a topic is decided upon by the Host. They then let the participants know what the discussion will be. Sometimes it could just be a general chat about the local area or there could be a specific business sponsoring. If thats the case each tweet will have two hashtags, the Twitter Chat hashtag and the sponsoring businesses. Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 13.48.25   Can anyone join?  Yes. Regardless of where you're from you can join in on any Twitter Chat. If you live in Cork and would like more customers on Dublin you can join in on #DublinHour. If you live in Wexford and you're planning on going to Galway for a holiday then join in on #GalwayHour and ask for the best places to stay/eat/drink.   Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 13.51.41   What are the best Twitter Chats and when are they on? Here's a list of some of the most common Twitter Chats in Ireland and their times:  

  • #WexfordHour - Tuesday 9pm-10pm
  • #DublinHour - Thursday 9pm -10pm
  • #GalwayHour - Tuesday 9pm - 10pm
  • #CorkHour - Monday 9pm -10pm
  • #IrishBizParty - Wednesday 9pm -11pm
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Top 5 Tips for Facebook

by Denise Whitmore

05 20, 2016 | Posted in Blog | 0 comments

So you've set up you're Facebook page. Now what? You put out a few posts but there's very little interaction or engagement. We've put together a few tips to help you get started with your Facebook Business Page. 1. Invite Friends Invite your current friends on facebook to like your page and ask them to do the same. You've probably already got a great network on Facebook so use it! Don't be embarrassed. Would you go and buy a shop and then not tell any of your friends and family?? No you'd ask them to show their support in your first few days as a shop owner. This is no different. Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 14.15.46 2. Profile & Cover Image Spend some time into choosing the right images for your page. Sometimes your logo might not be the best fitting so be clever about it. You don't have to have your logo as your profile picture. Why not get a profile image or cover photo designed with a few different elements of your business and incorporate your logo into it instead. Make it as fun and as engaging as possible 3. Fill It In! Utilise your facebook page and add in a full bio and website links. Don't leave anything empty. All of these details will greatly improve your SEO and help direct people to your website. 4. Audiences Once you have built up a good following check to see when your audience is online and post at those times. You can check this by going into your Insights and then Posts. 5. Be Fun! You don't always have to sell sell sell! In fact we would advice you to not post 'selling' posts too often. Engage with your audience instead. Ask them questions, post amusing images and interesting articles. Give the business a personal feel and your followers will engage much more with the page. Remember we are always here if you need any help with your Digital Marketing.  

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Is Your Business LinkedIn or Out

by Catherine Jordan

07 21, 2015 | Posted in Blog | 0 comments

Did you know that LinkedIn currently have approximately 3 million company profiles on their database - is yours there? 7 Reasons to set up your Company LinkedIn Page

  • Company pages have huge communication potential for business on LinkedIn. With advances such as ‘followers’ and ‘status updates’ the power of your page has opened up huge opportunities with your target audience
  • Your page allows you to add your company products and services – you can also add a video, what better platform to showcase your company?
  • Remember followers on your LinkedIn page can be directed to other social media pages and your company website
  • Posting customer testimonials, case studies, quality referrals and endorsements from satisfied customers are also very helpful
  • Attract the right person for your business - use the careers section to post specific job openings
  • Most importantly, use your analytics facility - this is a powerful insight into your followers - who’s following you, what do they do? How can they benefit your business? Are they a potential customer?
  • Premium service will allow you target specific companies.
To update your LinkedIn Profile and learn how to use it effectively CALL US NOW on 01 697 8380

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