Is your Business LinkedIN or OUT?

By Catherine Jordan

Did you know that LinkedIn currently have approximately 3 million company profiles on their database – is yours there?

7 Reasons to set up your Company LinkedIn Page

  • Company pages have huge communication potential for business on LinkedIn. With advances such as ‘followers’ and ‘status updates’ the power of your page has opened up huge opportunities with your target audience
  • Your page allows you to add your company products and services – you can also add a video, what better platform to showcase your company?
  • Remember followers on your LinkedIn page can be directed to other social media pages and your company website
  • Posting customer testimonials, case studies, quality referrals and endorsements from satisfied customers are also very helpful
  • Attract the right person for your business – use the careers section to post specific job openings
  • Most importantly, use your analytics facility – this is a powerful insight into your followers – who’s following you, what do they do? How can they benefit your business? Are they a potential customer?
  • Premium service will allow you target specific companies.

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