Your Brand Evolution

by Catherine Jordan

04 09, 2015 | Posted in Blog | 0 comments

Is It time for a Brand Refresh?

As your business grows your brand needs to remain current and modern. It needs to reflect the purpose and vision of the company and represent your company image to your customer. As your business evolves so should your brand!

Keeping Up with the Jones’

When I say brand refresh, I don’t mean a radical and unrecognisable brand change, just a spring-clean, a freshen up! I suppose you’d call it your brand evolution.

Reassure your Customers

Keeping it current will reassure existing customers and attract new ones. Look at Microsoft – Their brand evolved over 30 years and is still recognisable while maintaining it’s competitive edge!


Apple logo evolution

When Apple started out in 1976 their target audience was specialists and techies but as people became more computer savvie and technology became more accessible their target audience became huge. In turn it became vital that their brand should change and reflect new user friendly and stylish products.

Although the initial brand change was quite radical to reflect this repositioning of the product, everything after that just evolved naturally to ensure it remained current and relevant and set them apart from their competitors.


Branding New Business
If a company changes name or two elements of a company separate, refreshing the brand is a good way of representing this change while taking certain recognisable elements of the old brand and adding new modern aspects such as font and colour.

A good example of this would be when Lloyds and TSB split and a rebrand was necessary. They retained the recognisable part of the brand – the Black Horse – and freshened up the font reassuring customers that this change was a positive thing.


So How Do You Go About Refreshing Your Brand?
If you are thinking about refreshing your brand, do not even think about doing a cut and past job internally. If you’re doing it, do it properly and allocate a realistic budget.

At the very least get in touch with a good graphic designer and if budget will allow make contact with a branding/design agency for professional help.

Start with a brand audit. This will mean an impartial review and analysis of your brand image, including logo, tag lines, images etc. Following this and a full consultation with you the process of designing fresh ideas will commence. This is a very exciting process for your business and a fantastic investment in it’s future.

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